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Welcome to Light 2015 – A platform marking the International Year of Light in Australia

2015 was proclaimed as the International year of light and light-based technologies in 2013 by the United Nations General Assembly. The declaration of this year as the international year of light and its applications is based on the United Nations recognition of the importance of increasing awareness as regards light-based technologies. And how it can be used to provide solutions to challenges in education, energy, health and agriculture while also promoting sustainable development. The significance of light in our daily lives cannot be overemphasised. Beyond that, it has also played a significant role in many other scientific disciplines. In Australia, the year celebrates all things that have to be light with a mix of education, arts, science, and business coming together for the celebrations. Light-based technologies represent a significant part of modern technology from laser shows to mobile phones. The future of light technologies depends on our understanding of the application of light technologies to new creations and solutions that will make our daily life better.

Why Light Matters

In order to understand the importance of light to our lives, all one has to do is close the eyes and see what darkness feels like. Understanding why light matters requires understanding light itself and the best way to do that is through photonics which is the technology and science of generating, detecting photos. All technologies of our lives today rely on light technologies.

Learn About Light

Light is all around us, and its significance cannot be overestimated. It is needed for everything we do so it is necessary to understand it. The best way to do this is by learning the essential details about light such as lasers, the existence of light in nature, life, art and culture, etc.

Hands-on Involvement

You can get involved in the International Year of Light in many different ways whether you are educating students, giving presentations, and lots more. You too can organise programs in the community which revolves around light.

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Cosmic Light

The impact of light goes beyond Earth and further extends into planetary space with all the technological advancements and scientific discoveries. Understanding the effects of cosmic light in space is possible when we realise that light has helped to see and understand the universe as it surrounds us.

Light for Development

All over the world, many people are utilising light to find solutions to problems that exist within society, whether it is 3-D printing or finding solutions to energy problems in different regions.

Discoverers of Light

Studying the history of light will show that almost all the significant figures of science. It gives a clue to the process involved in discovering light since antiquity.

Legacy of Arabic Optics

Arabic scientists and thinkers contributed immensely to our understanding of light and optics today.2015 makes it 1000 years since Kitab al-Manazir, a seven-volume treatise on optics was written by Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham.

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